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Have you ever read the wit and wisdom beneath a Mickeys cap?

bar'-ley-corn (n) Hokey beer jokes
bar-rel-in'-a (n) A fat ballet dancer
bee-gin'-ing (n) Your first Mickeys
bel'-chief (n) Leader of the belchers
bleem (v) To space out
bott'-load (adj) Weighted down with Mickeys
burp'-le (adj) The color of a beer belch
buzz'-are (adj) How everything looks through the bottom of a Mickeys bottle
cam'-a-flu (n) Feigned illness to get out of work or a date
can'-e-lope (v) Sneaking out for a quick one
car-bo-na'-tion (n) A country where everyone has gas
chair-voy'-ance (n) When two complete strangers try to sit on the same bar stool
cheek'-shot (n) When the back of your pajamas are unbuttoned
crowd'-er (n) Sharing a barstool with three or more people
fil'-bert (v) When you ask Bert for another Mickeys
fizz'-stick-le (v) When you stick your nose in a beer glass
fly'-pa-per (n) A wrapper stuck to your zipper
flock'-ing (v) Flossing with your sock
foa-men-ta'-tion (n) The ring left by beer foam
go'-fer-it (v) To attempt a wild stunt, as in "Goferit" Dude!
grab'-us (n) Latin name for someone who touches
grop'-er (n) A fish that's too friendly
gulp'-able (adj) You admit you drank another Mickeys
guzz'-ard (n) Person who drinks what's left in the bottle
haff'-a (n) Half-full Mickeys
head'-room (n) The space in the glass you leave for the foam
hive'-out (n) Favorite place to go enjoy Mickeys
hiv-er'-ni-a (n) when you lift too many 12-packs of Mickeys
hold'-er- own (adj) She won't let you buy her a drink
hop'-sick-le (n) A frozen Mickeys
hov-er'-ti-cal (adj) Floating in a standing position
hug'-ly (adj) Unattractive, but you don't care
hum'-ple (adj) The way you find your clothes the morning after
hum-brel'-la (n) For stinging in the rain
hump'-er-drink (n) a Mickeys on Wednesday
lap'-stick (n) Keeps your lap from getting chapped
in'-sex (n) What two love bugs have
mal-ti-pli-ca'-tion (n) Adding up your beer tab
mic'-knacks (n) A collection of small Mickeys bottles
pour-ta-bel'-low (n) A liquid mushroom
quart'-ski (n) A large Mickeys and polish sausage
sip-pose' (n) How you look when you are sipping
smack'-light-ing (v) Bright enough to see who she is slapping
spew-mont'-ti (v) Getting sick on Italian food
spray'-dirt (n) Outside the bar when the bathroom is full
squirt'le (n) The reason we wear shoes in public bathrooms
sting-a-rell'-a (n) You would drink Mickeys from her shoe
sting'-le (n) Unattached Mickey's drinker
suck'-el-berry (n) Mickeys and fresh fruit
suck'-so-phone (n) Drinking Mickeys from a brass instrument
squeez'-el (v) Twisting the bottle neck for one last drop
swarm'-ee (n) When Mickeys makes you psychic
swill'-ber (n) A guy who'll drink anything
tipp'-let (n) Small gratuity for bad service
twist-os'-ter-one (n) Necessary hormone for unscrewing tight caps
wrap'-nel (n) Label fragments from a Mickeys bottle

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