Butch was my best friend and house mate for several years. After being run over by a school bus as a child, Butch had resigned himself to a life of hardships in dealing with the internal injuries he had received. His constant pain was something I would not wish upon anyone. Having no bladder, he had to wear a "bag" on his side and this was the cause of many infections. For this reason, it had become a routine for me to rush him to the ER at least once a month.

Most would have expected Butch to be a bitter person at most. He was anything but. Butch loved kids and liked to volunteer his time with underprivileged pre-teens. He was also as active as he could possibly be with the Jaycees.

Rusty was Butch's hero and when Butch passed away in '95, I gladly carried the torch for him. When I look up from my computer, I see a room that I have completely decorated with Miller Racing collectibles. I also smile with the pleasure of having known the great person that Butch was.

There are countless web pages dedicated to great people. It would not be fair if Butch was not included among them. Even now his strength is an inspiration.

You have gone to a better place and your pain has ended,
but your spirit will live in our hearts forever.
We miss you, buddy

Butch never saw Rusty's new colors.
Neither will this web page.